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The mission of, being a financing channel, consists of facilitating and helping in the financing of housing . Taking into account that mortgage loans are widely used when buying a home, and in turn are not always easy to obtain, it is of great importance that there is a bank, an entity, a website or a dedicated channel to help, and Do it in an affordable way for the client . For this reason, and gathering great experience in this sector, a direct mortgage granting channel was created for customers. Before, on many occasions the procedures were carried out by real estate agencies, now it is more convenient, centralized and transparent – is at your service , and at any moment you can make your dreams come true through its online financing channel. is close to you, will always listen to you and care about people . You will be accompanied from the beginning to the end, you will have your own professional manager who will advise you at all times. And just as there are no two houses alike, there must also be a custom mortgage – this is how mortgages works. offers you a mortgage to finance the purchase of your home (variable rate mortgages, mixed mortgages, fixed rate mortgages), mortgages to change homes, refinancing. You can use the wide range of mortgage products offered by to finance the purchase of a house or a flat. The quick loans and loans portal recommends you to as a mortgage channel with great flexibility, security and affordability .

Mortgages of variable type in

Variable rate mortgages have the advantage of great flexibility . With this financial product the quota of the first year, or that of the first and the second will be (n) fixed (s). And in the future, your mortgage loan will be reviewed periodically, to apply a new interest rate.

You can use the comfortable online mortgage simulator to do the primary calculation, entering the amount of the loan and the term in years to pay (initially the option between 7 and 30 mortgage term is available). You will instantly see the calculation where the first year is reflected with a fixed interest rate and the corresponding amount to be paid, and the amount for the rest of the years.

Mortgages of mixed type in

A mixed-type mortgage is a good combination. It is neither variable nor fixed. With a mortgage of mixed type, for example you can be paying a fixed fee for 10 years, and be assured that this fee will not change, and then, in the rest of the payments, benefit from a variable rate mortgage loan. First fixed, and then variable, but you choose how you want to distribute it .

Likewise, you can use the convenient mortgage simulator on the web of and see the installments at the moment, according to the distribution you have made and the terms you have chosen. The maximum term in this case is also 30 years.

Fixed rate mortgages on

A fixed rate mortgage allows you to enjoy a certain stability. In this way, you will not depend on the circumstances of the market, nor on the rise or fall of interest rates . You will always know the amount you will have to pay, always the same, always with great calm. You can choose a period of up to 30 years to make the payment.

A mortgage to change house or apartment in

If you have the desire or the need to buy a new house, change your home or another type of home, offers you your mortgage loan to change your home . It is above all a very convenient option in case you want to make the change before finishing paying your current house, or if you need time to make the sale and you need money urgently . can give you a mortgage loan, and agreeing to special conditions, take charge of the expenses of your old home . In turn, when you sell your old house, you can pay the first loan and allocate the remaining amount to pay a part of the new mortgage.

The option is for 3 years at a fixed interest rate, and the interest for the remaining years is variable. You have the option of choosing how to make the payment during the first three years. You can choose to pay only interest, or amortization plus interest . In any case, you have the advantage that you will not be compensated for total or partial withdrawal of the loan – 0%

Refinancing or grouping of mortgages loans

If you want to reunify your debts, offers you the option of grouping several loans , paying a monthly fee lower than the sum of the corresponding fees that you paid before. In this case, apart from the direct monthly savings in the payments of your loans, you will enjoy the convenience of a single payment. You will no longer have to worry about different dates, amounts and pending commitments – will take care of everything , and in favorable conditions for you . It should be noted that it is also an ideal option in case you have applied for your loan when the rates were higher than currently. would pay in this case the loan to that entity in its entirety, and you would be paying the same loan to, but with a lower interest rate than the previous one. An excellent savings!

Advantages of

  • is a financing channel, where you can apply for a cheap, transparent and secure mortgage loan.
  • Forget about the opening commission, because there are no opening fees for the mortgages of
  • No need to change banks, because offers you the maximum flexibility of the mortgage market
  • Stop thinking about compensation for partial or total withdrawal – offers clarity and commitment to fair treatment.
  • Without land clauses – when you take out a mortgage on you can also cross this problem out of your mind
  • And it is also very important that we do not force you to hire other products that we have – you have the freedom to choose the service you want yourself.

The comparison of loans and online loans recommends you to try the mortgage simulator of to quickly know the amount you could spend, depending on the number of owners, number of dependents, the employment situation , the monthly income and the number of payments

Go ahead, you can already hire a mortgage on and buy the house of your dreams!

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