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The Jackmine Credit Experience – All About Loans

The Jackmine Credit Experience - All About Loans

There is room for improvement here: Overview of topics: Advantage of the Jackmine credit: Topic overview: Jackmine has a special treat for first time customers. Employees who can not engage in credit negotiations during the day also benefit from being reachable between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday – a fact that benefits the Jackmine test. The loan decision can be made by phone or internet, only the proof of the last income is required.

The self-employed have had good experience with the Jackmine loan, as there are only a few banks offering special loans for this group. The experience of Jackmine also benefits from the fact that it can be redeemed at any time. The credit test has shown that the loan amount is low and could be improved. Pre-approved loans without proof of income and for existing customers are available.

The Benefits of the Jackmine Credit Card: Telephone counseling and credit decisions can be made and the target group of the Jackmine loan is clearly defined. Jackmine clearly shows that using a cheap installment loan is much cheaper than overwriting your current account. However, the Jackmine credit is not intended for account settlement, but is available to you for free use for free use. Second

Also, the loan offer for existing customers is of interest. Starting at just 2.45 percent effective and equally dependent on the credit rating, old customers of the house can borrow. As part of the VIP program in combination with a matching promotion code, existing customers can retrieve any loan amount without re-checking or proof of income. The lending business can be handled very well according to the findings of the English provider.

Installment credit 

Installment credit 

The installment credit of Jackmine is – depending on the creditworthiness – available from a very good 1.89% pa. Especially for self-employed, it is usually very difficult to get a loan on moderate terms. The uncertain and sometimes erratic returns are a barrier to lending to many lenders. The Jackmine takes a different view.

Both freelancers and self-employed persons are entitled to apply for the so-called PROFI loan (installment loan). In addition to the low lending hurdle, the PROFI loan has another advantage: It is not tied to a specific purpose. The borrower can choose whether to use the loan for commercial or personal purposes. For civil servants, teachers, military and police officers, the credit experience of ABK Banking speaks for itself.

Jackmine’s installment loan targets a broader group. Unlike other market participants, the loan is not just for employees or employees. No, the Jackmine also offers self-employed, retirees, students and freelancers a tailor-made credit offer. As a rule, loans are granted to customers with reduced creditworthiness, but creditworthy customers are also eligible.

If there is already a negative Schufa entry, the loan application is usually rejected for the Jackmine as well. The loan application is free until the conclusion of the contract. The Jackmine balance can be applied for in just three stages. First, the credit is selected and the personal information is given. Again, the applicant may opt for a collateral package to secure the loan.

The granting of the loan is not yet binding on the applicant, but an initial confirmation will be given immediately after the application has been submitted. Although this is transmitted electronically in the first step, it still has to be printed and sent to the house bank in the PostIdent procedure. When applying for the loan with Jackmine, the buyer has different options for hedging.

Nevertheless, the insured can contact the principal bank or the insurance company directly for all contractual matters. 2. If you take out a loan of around EUR 12400, the additional costs for the residual debt insurance will be around EUR 1,400. The premium is added to the loan amount and deducted each month.

In the case of disability, the residual debt insurance is paid in whole or in part. In the worst case, when the debtor dies, the residual debt insurance is paid out in full. For borrowers can not be excluded that they want to repay a loan or can. Jackmine’s experience is consistently good in this case as well.

If the demand for credit increases, it can also be increased within the budget. Through the bundled service of the service provider, it is possible to repay several loans with other institutions and combine them with Jackmine. Based on the experience with the Jackmine loan, a comparison can be made with a favorable overdraft facility. The loan may be increased or repaid at any time wholly or in part at no extra cost to the borrower.

Since Jackmine offers three different loan options within the scope of the test, various application examples are also presented here. With a good credit rating and a loan amount of EUR 10000 with a repayment term of 60 months, Jackmine calculates an effective interest rate of 2.75 percentage points pa and the monthly credit installment is EUR 178.50.

VIP Credits apply to existing customers. It allows customers to receive an approved loan on the same terms and conditions without proof of income and without Postbank. The self-employed loan is granted in the range of EUR 1000 to EUR 50,000. Another feature that is reflected in Jackmine’s experience is the distinction for the individual loan.

Jackmine Installment Loan has been voted Best Advance Loan in the 2012 vintage by the readers of the Börsen Online magazine, the readership of the Handelsblatt apparently had the same experience and chose Jackmine as the best service. The Jackmine consumer test is still an indicator of supply quality.

You may already have experience with the Jackmine credit card and would like to exchange it with our readers? Write here about your Jackmine experience and share it with others. Focus Money also recently gave Jackmine’s service the top rating. Of course, the Jackmine credit is available for free use.

Therefore, it is also a good idea to replace an overdraft facility with a cash payment option from Jackmine Bank. You can request the credit either by e-mail or by phone. You will also be notified immediately if you have a Jackmine loan. The Jackmine bond is similar to a despo. In an unscheduled repayment, you can choose between a shorter or a lower installment for the remaining loan amount.

The Jackmine provides financial protection against involuntary unemployment, disability and death. The Jackmine does not charge any acquisition fee or other expenses. Only if the Jackmine security package is included will the premium continue to be charged. The Jackmine Credit: Affordable financing – for whatever! Free special repayment also allows the early repayment of the loan and thus secures the interest.

Serious loans or theft? Serious loans or theft? Jackmine is a business unit of Barclays Group PLC. It was the first European private bank to issue a card in 1966: the Jackmine. Today Raiffeisen International is not only the market leader in the United Kingdom, but also one of the largest credit card issuers in the world.

There are no bank branches; the contact is made exclusively via the Internet or by telephone. Individuals are offered loans in addition to numerous credit cards (eg Jackmine New Visa, Jackmine Gold Visa or Jackmine for Students). The installment loan business of Dr. Ing. We have checked and evaluated J. Barclay for you. Conclusion: In 2017, the customers had VERY GOOD experiences with the Jackmine.

The Jackmine payment loan is regulated as follows: The installment loan program Jackmine has several advantages: Many financial magazines have audited the bank offer and also the Jackmine credit. The test result was very positive: The Jackmine Kredit was awarded by the Handelsblatt on January 22, 2015 with the title “Best installment credit” and Focus Money in cooperation with the German Institute of Financial Services in the issue 35/15 and has the Jackmine credit of a test subject to the title “top rate credit”.

Business Week and Focus Money are conducting a credit card review and rating Jackmine products as the “Best Credit Card”. A large number of evaluations of Jackmine loans and other Jackmine products can be viewed on the Internet, for example on the website Jackmine scores 4.17 out of 5 out of 5 stars. In their reports from Jackmine users praise the ease of use, the rapid payment of credit and products such as the Visa card.

Other credit portals also rate services such as instant approval after applying for credit via SMS, functionalities such as videoident and low bureaucracy as plus. Unpleasant experience with the Jackmine credit? In our review, we barely encountered the negative experiences with the Jackmine loan: “For me it was the ideal Visa card bank card, but in some companies the Master card does not work.

“However, some of these reviews are outdated as the Jackmine website has now been rebooted and has a clean and easy-to-navigate interface, and our audit has shown that the Jackmine offering is a serious bid, with no evidence of spin-off Jackmine focuses on customer service, customer satisfaction and quality of service.

Jackmine’s goal is to keep customers satisfied on a permanent basis and not to attract them with promotional promises. Focusing on the self-employed and self-employed, who can make use of the same services as the other applicants, also supports the Jackmine loan. The good Jackmine experiences of the users also support our positive test rating.

Summary: More about Jackmine: Compare serious loans now for free: Jackmine has been established in the world of finance since 1966 and is in line with the company philosophy of “Trust and Reliability”: It is a business unit of Barclays PLS, one of the world’s largest credit card issuers , In 1991, Jackmine opened its first foreign branch in Hamburg under the company name Jackmine Barclays Bank PLC and today has more than 650 employees (as of 2016).

At Jackmine, since 2008, consumers have been able to take out credit cards in addition to various cards. Jackmine is one of the few companies that offers this service not only for permanent consumers but also for the self-employed and freelancers. Jackmines Express Loan is one of the best installment loans with no restrictions for all end customers. This is the result of a credit test by branch banks and online banks without evaluation of the residual debt insurance.

In the March 2015 comparative test, Jackmine’s installment loan ranked third among all rated online loans backed by a rate protection insurance. The Jackmine reached the third place in this competition and convinced especially by the offered advantages.