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Repurchase of tenant loans

The redemption of credits adapts to the personal situation of the borrower and is not only intended for homeowners. The repurchase of tenant credits allows the non-owners borrowers of their main residence to be able to regroup their credits in only one monthly payment.

Why redeem tenant credits?

Why redeem tenant credits?

Tenant Credit Buyback is for all non-homeowners who want to consolidate all their mortgage payments into one. These may include consumer loans, debts such as bank overdrafts or unpaid rents, or real estate loans in the context of rental investments or a second home.

The purchase of credit is a good tool to prevent situations of over-indebtedness or poor debt. In addition to rent, a tenant may have to make various loans, such as a car loan and a personal loan. It can be added to that arrears of rents that are difficult to fill.

The repurchase of tenant credits allows the regrouping of all the credits and the repayment of the debts immediately after the subscription to the repurchase of credit.

The advantages of repurchasing tenant loans

repurchasing loans

  • The repurchase of tenant credit makes it possible to gather under a single monthly payment, all the credits of an individual. The new credit is made over a longer period allowing a lower monthly payment . The borrower can thus find a balanced budget.
  • The tenant loan buyback allows for the inclusion in the new loan of financing a new project or cash if the borrower’s income permits.
  • The monthly payment is lower, the borrower finds a lower debt ratio , allowing him for example to save again and to emerge a borrowing capacity to become owner.
  • The purchase of credits simplifies the management of the borrower’s finances. With a single fixed monthly payment, collected every month on the same date.
  • A single monthly payment also means one insurance . Consolidation of credits thus makes it possible to no longer accumulate insurance for each loan, this further reduces expenses.

Why call a broker for a tenant credit redemption?

Why call a broker for a tenant credit redemption?

Lending institutions often demand as collateral for the repurchase of credits, the mortgage of a good. In the context of repurchase of tenant credit, the tenant does not have this guarantee to give to the bank, which can complicate the obtaining of the credit. The Centrale de Financement and its network of experts are there to support you and to present your file to the appropriate partners. Our experts assist you in the realization of your file and offer you the best rate for your purchase of tenant loans. Submit your request.